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Setting Up Email

iPad (iOS 12.x):
  1. From the home screen touch Settings (gear icon)
    • Passwords & Accounts (left panel)
    • Add Account (right panel)
    • Exchange
  2. Enter your Concordia Email address on the first line
  3. For description enter CLHS EMAIL
  4. Touch Next
  5. Touch Configure Manually on the pop-up
  6. Enter the default password cadets1234
  7. Fill in the following fields (some will already be populated)
    1. Email: Your full Concordia email address
    2. Server:
    3. Domain: <EMPTY>
    4. Username: Your full Concordia email address again
    5. Password: cadets1234
    6. Description: CLHS EMAIL
  8. Touch Save
  9. You will be taken back to the Email settings page, once there touch the CLHS EMAIL account you just created
  10. Touch Mail Days to Sync and set to No Limit
  11. Wait a minute or so then launch the Mail app ensuring you receive Concordia email - you will have at least two messages
Other Devices:
  1. Install Chrome Browser if you do not already have it
  2. Ensure you know your CLHS Username and Email address (example 24ssmithjones and
  3. Launch Chrome
  4. Go to
  5. Click Login or, if you already have a Gmail account, add the following:
    1. Username: Enter full Concordia email address
    2. Password: Enter default password
    3. Click Accept if you are prompted
  6. When finished you should see a few messages from the Gmail Team