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One-to-One Technology and Device Set Up

Windows or Macbook

The CLHS One-to-One Technology program (one device for one student) brings the newest learning resources directly to our students. As we enhance our curriculum with any time, anywhere access to a variety of digital resources, learning will become more real and relevant while, at the same time, more experiential. As active participants in their own education, students gain a better understanding of subjects through tactile, visual, and auditory learning.

Every student at Concordia is required to have a Microsoft Windows or Apple MacBook laptop computer on the first day of class (fully required for the Class of 2028 but strongly recommended for the Class of 2027). The high school provides access to high-speed internet and a variety of apps required for courses and testing. Concordia provides training for any student who would like to have it. 

Registering Your Device From Home:
Registering your device from home is really easy:

STEP 1 - Choosing A Device

Get help choosing the device that is right for you

STEP 2 - Setting Up Your Device

Now that you have a device get it ready for use at Concordia

STEP 3 - Setting Up Your Concordia Email

Now that your device is ready get connected to your school email

STEP 4 - Change Your Email Password

Change your default email password to something only you know

STEP 5 - Sign In to FACTS

Sign In to FACTS to view your class schedule, grades and so much more

STEP 6 - Log In to Google Classroom

Log In to Google Classroom to access material for the classes you are taking

STEP 7 - Apps & More

Just a few Apps and bookmarks here and you're ready to roll

Other Stuff

iPad Repair and Restrictions

Apple ID Help



Scott Storm (260) 483-1102, ext. 214 or [email protected]

How will I use my Device?

Students use their devices in every class at Concordia: For homework, for experiments, for recordings and so much more.

Here are a few examples:

  • Viewing Tutorial Videos
  • Interactive Learning Games
  • As a Textbook
  • Computer Programming
  • Graphic Design and Photo Editing
  • Submit Assignments through Google Classroom