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Choosing A Device

Your Windows or MacBook should meet these requirements:

  • Have at least 64 GB of storage available
  • Have at least 4 GB of RAM (8 or more is HIGHLY recommended)
  • !3" is the recommended "standard" laptop screen size but you are free to choose whatever screen size you are comfortable with knowing that going too much larger than 13" can seem oversized for some classroom desks
  • Have an 8-hour battery life
It is HIGHLY recommended that you get accidental damage protection on your computer

Windows10/11 Computers Buy From Amazon

Advantages: Wide selection of manufacturers and prices, most software support, most 3rd party app support 

Disadvantages: More prone to viruses

Tech note: I personally recommend getting a Windows computer because they support the most applications (Adobe Creative Cloud, C#, PLTW Kite, etc), have the most manufacturer selections, and widest price range.

Windows Surface


Apple MacBook (Air or Pro) - Click Here for best MacBook pricing direct from Apple
Advantages: Quality parts, ease of use, can run a Windows Virtual Machine

Disadvantages: Expensive

Tech note: Like Windows computers, Macs have downloaded application support so you will be able to run programs like Adobe Creative Cloud. While Apple's are quality products, there is not much variety so they are more expensive than comparable Windows computers and Apple does not offer much in the way of discounting their products.

 MacBook Air and Pro


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