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News and Announcements

News about Financial Aid

Many of you may have received an email from me that the State has finally set what they will actually be paying for 2018-2019. I am happy to report that the amount of the scholarship did increase this year.
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February is Heart Month

February is the month that brings hearts to mind – all sort of hearts – red construction paper with white paper lace, heart shaped candy boxes, and our real heart that beats within our bodies every second of every day.
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Thank you for your support of our students

At Concordia, 98% of our students receive financial aid, including through our association churches. The funding for this aid comes from many sources including the Choice Scholarship, the SGO scholarship, Concordia Educational Foundation’s endowed scholarships and direct gifts to financial aid. This financial support makes the difference in whether families choose Concordia or not.
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Prayful support of our accreditation visit this month

The apostle Paul begins or states in many of his letters appreciation, encouragement, and thanks to those in fellowship and support of the ministry he was called to do as a servant of Jesus Christ. With Paul as a mentor, and in my role of ministry at Concordia, I too say, “thanks” while asking for your prayerful support for our school community during our accreditation visit later this month.
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Turning to God when we are feeling overwhelmed or burdened

While it is important to me that my students learn how to write, read, and speak well, those are not the most vital lessons I hope they will carry with them after graduation. Realizing the enormous amount of stress and responsibility many of our students carry (especially the juniors and seniors who face college and career decisions and keeping up with application and scholarship deadlines), I began sharing another mantra in the last few years.
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What is funny?

Humor is very subjective, which is also why there are so many different types and styles of humor to choose from. Some people love physical comedy while others despise anything that could be considered slapstick.
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CLHS adds new summer camps for 2019

Concordia Lutheran High School is hosting summer camps for all ages this summer. Camps range from athletics to band to robotics and everything in between including new camps in art, Spanish, track and sign language. Concordia is also offering summer classes for all area students in grades 8-12. Registration is now open, and online registration is now available this year. For more information and to register, visit
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